Top Eight (8) Unusual Animals With Amazing Skills

Animals with amazing skills
  • Wondered if there are Animals with amazing skills ?  You think that only humans posses unusual and amazing skills, nay animals do too.

Let’s check them out.

#1 Animal With Amazing Skill

Plumed Basilisk:

Animals With Amazing Skills
Plumed Basilisk | Photo Credit: Pixabay

Plumed Basilisk, also called Green Basilisk or Double Crested Basilisk

Plumed Basilisk is a Central American lizard nicknamed “”Jesus Christ Lizard” for its ability to run water surface.

It can run at a speed of 7 miles an hour on land and can be under water for about 30 minutes.

#2 Animal With Amazing Skills


Animals With Amazing Skills
Shark: Photo credit-Pixabay

Shark Posses the ability to locate its prey with the help of electrical signals.
Sharks have series of pores in their head which helps them to receive electrical signals from its surroundings with which they catch their prey with ease.

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#3 Animal With Amazing Skills


Animals With Amazing Skills
Puma: Animals With Amazing Skills

Also called the mountain lion with its jumping skills most amazing.
Their hind legs and large paws give them the ability to jump or leap powerfully. It can jump 15 feet vertically and 40 feet horizontally.

#4 Animals With Amazing Skills


Animals With Amazing Skills
Cat | Photo credit: Pixabay

Cats amazing skill is its vision. Their eyes are equipped with a mirror-like membrane called the tapetum lucidum” and this helps them to see in darkness.

#5 Animals With Amazing Skills


Animals With Amazing Skills
Rat | Photo credit: Pixabay

When we talk about cats, is it possible to leave the rats. We talked about Tom, now we shall talk about Jerry.
Rats’ vision is not as good as the cats; then how do rats escape from cats.
They use the whiskers on their snouts to escape from its prey Rats have the unusual skill of getting a mental picture of the surroundings by just touching the objects with its whiskers.

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#6 Animals With Amazing Skills


Animals With Amazing Skills
Cephalopods | Photo credit: Pixabay

Cephalopods are members that belong to the mollusk family which include squids, octopuses, and cuttlefish.

The unusual and amazing skills of these cephalopods are their jet propulsion. They can propel at the rate of 25 miles an hour.
They have very good control over the direction in which they are propelling as well as the speed at which they are

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During jet propulsion, mantle is expanded and the water is taken in which then enters the sides of the head, moves to the collar and then to the gills and finally leaves through the tunnel by way of mantle contraction.

#7 Animals With Amazing Skills

Drum fish:

Animals With Amazing Skills
Drum fish | Photo credit: Pixabay

They don’t have ears but they can hear and this their unusual and amazing skills.
These drum fishes make use of their air bladders to hear which also help them in absorbing oxygen from water.

These air bladders have the ability of
detecting sound waves and sending those waves to inner ear.
This is where these sound waves are converted to electrical signals. Brain uses these signals to hear.

#8 Animals With Amazing Skills


Animals With Amazing Skills
Cheetah | Photo credit: Pixabay

I’m sure I need not tell what amazing skill does cheetah posses. Yes, it is running Cheetahs are speed of 68 miles an hour Wow…incredible.

Cheetah has a capable of running at
powerful and oversized heart that helps in pumping large amounts of blood and their nostrils accounts for deep air intake.
Coiling and uncoiling of backbone gives cheetah an edge over other other animals when running.
At the end of this post I’m quite sure know the Animals With Amazing Skills, What do you think about their skills? Kindly leave a comment.

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