Is It Better To Have Male Or Female dog?

female dog and Her Puppy
Female Rottweiler With her Puppy

Deciding whether to have a male or female dog requires lots of advices, guidlines, and considerations which is discussed fully on this post.

Why Female Dog Is More Preferred?

  1. She is smaller and lighter than a male.
  2. She is likely to be more docile and more affectionate than a male to her owner.
  3. She has a special affinity for children and makes a sympathetic companion.
  4. She is unlikely to roam or stray from home except when in season She is generally as good as her male counterpart at warning, guarding, retrieving, putting up game, and ratting.
  5. She is as quick as a male, or quicker, to learn and respond to what is wanted of her.
  6. She will be easier to house-train than a male and will not usually territory mark in your home, your friends’ houses or in hotels.

The Disadvantages Of A Female Dogs

  1. She is subject to mood swings and considerable alteration in disposition during the phases of her oestrous cycle. Allowances should be made for uncharacteristic behaviour at these times. This may still be noticeable to some extent even after she has been spayed.
  2. Many bitches will be as eager to seek males during the peak time for mating as the males will be to find them.
  3. There is more competition in bitch classes in dog shows.
  4. An entire bitch may have lengthy periods when she is not in show condition.
  5. She will probably ruin your lawn by scorching the grass with urine patches if you allow her free access.
  6. If you do not have your bitch spayed, or use any contraceptive method, she may make a mess through loss of blood when in season.
  7. She may not be able to run as fast as a male nor be as agile.
  8. It is possible that she may need surgery later in life to remove her uterus as uterine diseases are common. This worry will of course be removed if you have her spayed early in life; an action which will also reduce the occurrence of mammary tumours.
  9. A pedigree bitch puppy may well cost more than a male. Breeders tend to keep their best bitches so you may find a female more difficult to buy.
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What To Consider Before Choosing A Female Dog?

When making your decision, another factor to be taken into account is the sex of the dogs already in your household or those belonging to frequent visitors to your home.

female dog and Her Puppy
Female Rottweiler With her Puppy

If you already own a male dog, either he or the bitch will have to be kennelled while the bitch is in season; it is virtually impossible to keep the two apart in an ordinary home. Bitches and dogs will mate with their closest relations, so you cannot rely abstinence on their part.

Some consideration should also be given to the sex of dogs belonging to close neighbours. You could cause considerable temperamental upset to their male dogs by exercising an in season bitch on communal territory.

Should I Get A Bitch If I Already Have A Female Dog?

This can be a pleasant idea, as sisters are usually good friends all their lives and they are company for each other. They will, however, be marginally more difficult to house-train than single puppies.

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If you intend to breed professionally, it is as well to be aware that two bitches are likely to be in season around the same time, even if they are unrelated or are of different ages. This means that you will either have 8 glut of puppies if you mate both bitches, or you must mate one bitch at a time.

Rottweiler sisters dog
Rottweiler Sisters | Vet Care

Buying sisters also means that breeding line has a very small gene pool. You would be better base with unrelated bitches, especially if you mean to keep your own stud dog, and you may well find it more convenient to buy the bitches a few months apart, so that one is partially educated before you begin with the other.

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When Not To Buy A Female Dog?

There are occasions when it is not prudent to take on a puppy, particularly a sensitive bitch. Such time may be:

  1. When a mayor lifestyle change is imminent. Wait until you are resettled so that you can give maximum attention to the puppy.
  2. When structural alterations are being made to your property -a danger time for puppies.
  3. When You expect to take a holiday within the next four months, it is not sensible to board very young puppies in kennels.
  4. If a new baby is expected. To raise a puppy correctly needs a great deal of time and concentration for the first year.


After highlighting the guidlines and certain factors to consider before deciding to get a male or female dog, You should be able to decide the perfect sex suitable for your home, also know about special Dog breeds you might consider adopting.


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