Great Dane Breed | Full Description [Revealed]


The Great Dane has a strong protective instinct and makes an excellent watchdog.

Because of its great size, early consistent training and socialization are essential. Danes are easy to housebreak but mature slowly.

Puppies may reach adult size by fifteen months of age but may not achieve mental and emotional maturity until age three.

At maturity, Danes are typically adaptable, reliable dogs with the breed’s famous sociable, affectionate nature and good house manners.

They need human companionship but may not get along well with other pets.

Overview Description Of Great Dane

Great Dane | Vet care
Great Dane
  • Year of AKC recognition: 1889
  • Group: Working
  • Size: Males- at least 30 inches, and upward of 32 inches preferred in competition;140-175 pounds. Females- at least 28 inches, and upward of 30 inches preferred in competition; 1 10-140 pounds.
  • Coat: Short, thick, glossy, and smooth
  • Color: Brindle, fawn with a black mask, blue, black, harlequin (white with patches of black), and mantle (black with white markings)
  • Life expectancy: 7-10 years
  • Activity level: Moderate. Strenuous exercise is not recommended for growing Dane puppies.
  • Grooming: Brush weekly; coat is easy to care for.
  • Temperament: This is a spirited, courageous breed, noted for its sensitive, gentle nature.
  • Parent club: Great Dane Club of America (; founded in 1889
  • Buyer’s advice from parent club: This is an extremely large, strong dog and can be expensive to maintain.

Owners should be prepared for a very large, lively puppy; obedience training is essential. Puppies can be highly destructive to landscaping.

Danes require a securely fenced yard; 6-foot fencing is sufficient. Unusual colors, such as white, merle fawnequin, or merlequin, are not prized rarities.

  • Regional Club: The parent club lists approximately fifty affiliates on its Web Site under “Affiliation.” under “Organization” on the home page.
  • Rescue: GDCA Rescue is on the club’s Web site under “Health and Welfare” under “Great Dan” on the home page
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