Introduction To Dog Breeds [Getting A Dog]

Dog breeding

Vet care provides the basic introduction to dog breeds and basic characteristics of each group in this post.

Groups In Dog Breeds ?

That’s 167 dog breeds in seven Groups, and 10 more breeds on the way! Since selecting the right breed can be overwhelming and exciting, a good understanding of the basic characteristics of each group can lead a new owner toward the perfect purebred dog.

dog breeds | rott
Dog breeds | Rottweiler

Suitable Various Breeds

Most owners have a good idea about what they want and don’t want in a companion dog. If you are certain that you want a dog that’s suitable for jogging with you in the morning, rain or shine, you should be looking more at the Sporting and some of the Hound breeds and likely less at the Toy and most of the Non-Sporting breeds.

If, on the other hand, you’re looking for a snazzy, head-turning but less energetic pet, you’d likely go directly to the Toy and Non-Sporting Groups.

Activity level is just one of the many things to think about.

Other Important Considerations In Vaarious Breeds

This include size, grooming demands, and temperament.

  • Breeds Size

Many large breeds are categorized as Working and Herding breeds,though some of the Hounds are huge. The smallest breeds are grouped as toys, though there are also a few pint-sized companions Sporting Group.

  • Grooming And Demands

The Hounds generally have the coats to groom,though any small short haired dog is fairly undemanding to maintain.

  • Temperament:

Temperaments vary significantly from group to group, from breed to breed. and even from dog to dog Even though temperament is fairy predictable In most breeds, generalizations are not always helpful. you can encounter a high-strung Saluki or Bulldog as readily as you can find an easygoing Border Colies and Brittany.

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The forthcoming breed profiles, in aphabetical order, shed light on the temperaments general descriptions, and requirements of each of the 177 AKC breeds. Good luck. and enjoy this exciting opportunity to meet the breeds.


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