Choosing A Male Dog | Entirety, Training, Contraceptive Measures

Choosing a male dog
Choosing a male dog | Vet Care

Pet owners need general guidelines and advice before and after choosing a male dog to bring out the best in his/her male dog.

This post provides the factors and conditions to consider when choosing a male dog, and get familiar with the role of a male dog in the family.

Entirety Is Considered When Choosing a male Dog

Entirety is essential when choosing a male puppy to ensure that it is entire, i.e that it has two testicles descended into the scrotum.

The testicles may retract temporarily in a young puppy and the seller may be optimistic that the puppy will become entire in time, but a veterinary surgeon can give you an informed opinion when the puppy is about 8 weeks old.

Monorchids Dogs

Dogs which are monorchids -more correctly termed unilateral cryptorchids, that is with only one testicle descended into the scrotum can sire puppies, but as the condition is hereditary such a puppy is an unwise buy.

Cryptorchidism is important to the buyer even if there is no intention of using the dog at stud. A testicle retained within the abdomen is particularly susceptible to growths (tumours) which can affect the whole hormonal system, and may be life’ threatening if they spread to other parts of the body. Consult your veterinary surgeon as an early operation may be required.

House-training Is Considered When Choosing A Male Dog

Male dogs are often slower to house-train than bitches. Dogs squat to urinate until they are adolescent, when the customary leg-raising posture is adapted to facilitate territory marking.

Consider Learning the Five (5) Major Basic Commands You Need To Teach your dog, this will definitely you after choosing a male dog

Male Adolescent

In late puppyhood, during the adolescent phase, a young male may experience an upsurge of hormones making him indulge in excessive sexual behaviour. If the dog is suitably discouraged this behaviour will often prove only transient.

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A survey carried out in 1977 among dog owners visiting veterinary surgery for any reason revealed that 52% of dogs under 1 year of age and 65% of older dogs had annoying hypersexual traits.

Choosing a male dog
Choosing a male dog | Vet Care

The fact that such behaviour is tolerated is even more remarkable as many of the dogs showed two or more hypersexual traits and one dog displayed no less than six!

Major Behavioural Traits Developed By A Male Dog:

  1. Mounting people and inanimate objects
  2. Aggression, particularly towards other dogs
  3. Urination about the house (territory marking)

and three minor signs:

  1. Wandering
  2. Excitability
  3. Destructiveness

All of these are obviously both worrying and potentially embarrassing, In previous post we explained how you can correct bad behaviour developed by your puppy.

What Makes Some Dogs Hyper-sexed?

Fundamentally, sex drive in male animals is controlled by the male sex hormone, testosterone (which is produced by the testes), and/ or areas in the cerebral cortex in the brain.

In some dogs, the hormones are more important and in others the animal is motivated principally by its brain. Furthermore, it is always worth noting that the hypersexual traits noted above can be learned behaviour and that they can be perpetuated by inappropriate training.

How To Reduce Hyper-sex In Male Dog

Quite obviously treatment and prevention must be aimed at reducing the production of testosterone, at calming the cerebral cortex and applying corrective training (or at least not reinforcing the behaviour by any sort of reward).

Often, all that can be achieved by castration and / or the use of synthetic hormones, coupled with a determination by the owner to teach the dog that such behaviour does not pay off.

A number of scientific publications have been written on this subject and veterinary Surgeons in practice are familiar with what can be done.

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If your dog is a problem in this respect, it’s well worth talking to your Vet since a course of tablets, a series of injections, or possibly a relatively simple Operation may be all that is required to give you some peace and save your dog from frustration.

Consider Wandering In Male Dogs

Male dogs are more motivated to wander from home than females. Security of gates and fencing of a height to enclose the dog is essential. For dogs with the inclination to dig or burrowing, fencing must be buried in the ground.

Wandering Male Dog
Wandering Male Dog | Vet Care

If you live on an estate or in a place where Wandering dogs can be a problem to themselves or passing traffic, it makes sense to Obtain a breed that is happier staying close to home.

Use At Stud

It is unwise to allow a dog to be used at stud to oblige a casual request. Unless a dog is ashow winner there is not likely to be a regular demand for his services and, in this case. it is better for the dog never to have had stud experience.

It is unfair to keep a male dog, which is not to be used at stud,with entire bitches which are undergoing regular oestrous cycles.

The owner of a pet male will be wise to ‘screen’ bitches which may accompany visitor to the house, and request that they be left at home if they are coming into 005mm.

An encounter with such a bitch on his own territory can be upsetting to the male and will almost inevitably lead to territory marking, even indoors, which may get the male into undeserved trouble.

Contraceptive Measures For Male dogs


Consult your veterinary surgeon about a hormonal preparation which may be given by injection to male dogs to mimic the effects of castration in respect of behaviour. However, such injections may not affect fertility.

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In this operation the tubes that transport sperm from the testicles are cut, so rendering the dog unable to sire puppies, but still able and willing to perform a mating act.

Choosing a male dog
Male Dog Under Vasectomy

Such a dog is sometimes used as a ’teaser’ in breeding kennels. Since this operation does not affect the dog’s behaviour, it will still be interested in mating bitches and may still roam, so it is not of relevance in the domestic situation.

Castration In Male Dog

Castration involves removal of the testes from the scrotum, leaving the dog with an empty scrotal sac which is not unsightly.

Although the operation is carried out under general anaesthesia it does not require abdominal surgery and healing is usually rapid.

Why Castration is performed:

  1. To render a dog sterile when his services as a stud are unwanted.
  2. In dogs that have developed testicular tumours.
  3. To help overcome hyper-sexual behaviour which has persisted beyond adolescence, particularly inter-dog aggression and the tendency to roam to seek out bitches.

It is as well to remember that the traits mentioned above may have become a learned behaviour which may persist even after castration.
In some cases it may take as long as 4-6 months before the effect of castration becomes apparent.

Guarding ability, intelligence, playfulness and owner-affection are not usually significantly altered in males castrated after puberty.

There is a tendency for castrated dogs to put on weight if the amount of food given is not reduced and an adequate amount of exercise given.

After knowing the vital key points to consider before and after choosing a male dog, you should check out the collections of dog breeds for you.


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