Boxer Breed | Origin, Appearance, Character

Boxer breed

Developed in Germany in the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries, Boxer Breed became successful cattle dogs and butcher’s dogs.

General Overview Of Boxer Breed

  • Year of AKC recognition: 1904
  • Group: Working
  • Size: Males-23-25 inches, 65-80 pounds; females is 21 to 23 inches, about 15 pounds less than males
  • Coat: Short, shiny, and lying smooth and tight to the body Color Fawn or brindle, with or without white markings
  • Life expectancy: 10-12 years
  • Activity level: Moderate to high. The Boxer should be exercised on leash or in a securely enclosed area.
  • Grooming: Weekly brushing is recommended; bathe as needed.
  • Temperament: A guard dog by instinct, the Boxer is keen and alert, but perhaps its most remarkable trait is its need for human companionship and to be part of the family.

The Boxer is confident and dignified yet playful and affectionate with its people. It is initially wary of strangers but seems to have the ability to distinguish friend from foe and will respond in like manner to those it deems friends.

Boxer breed

Bred as a working dog, the Boxer is intelligent, trainable, and loyal-a desirable companion.

  • Parent club: American Boxer Club (; founded in 1935
  • Buyers’ advice from parent club: Locate breeders at local dog shows or through the national breed club. When purchasing a puppy, the breeder should provide you with a three- or four-generation signed pedigree; the AKC registration application, which you will use to register the puppy; vaccination and worming records; and information and advice on the puppy’s current diet and future feeding
  • Regional clubs: There are over fifty regional clubs in the United States, listed on the parent club’s Web site under “US Clubs.”
  • Rescue: The parent club has a list of “Boxer Rescue-Related Web sites,” which can be found under “Information” on the club’s home.
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History And Significance Of Boxer Breed

The breed may have derived its name from its propensity to use its front feet in a playful way, suggesting its title as the “middleweight athlete of dogdom.”

The breed first came to America after World War I, and the breed’s foundation in the United States was based on dogs of top quality German breeding from the famous Von Dom kennels of Friederun Stockmann.

The Boxer Breed is a medium sized, well-muscled dog of square proportions, good substance, and overall elegance, with a short back; strong, straight legs, and energetic, ground-covering movement.

Boxer breed

The high-set tail is docked and held up. The Boxer is known for having an expressive face, with soulful, dark brown eyes and a wrinkles on the forehead when the dog is alerted something; the overall expression is described as”Intelligent and alert.”

In Boxer Breed their muzzle is blunt, making up one third of the head’s total length and the jaw is undershot. The nose is black and the ears are high set and usually cropped.


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