Border Terrier Breed | History and Their Significance

Border terrier

The Border Terrier breed was developed along the border of England and Scotland and is considered one of Britain’s oldest terriers.

Bred to hunt vermin, they had to be rugged, resourceful, and small enough to squeeze into a foxhole but large enough to keep up with a horse.

Border terrier puppies

  • Year of AKC recognition: 1930
  • Group: Terrier
  • Size: Males-13-15 pounds; females 11-14 Pounds.
  • Coat: A harsh, wiry outer coat with a short, dense undercoat
  • Color: Red, grizzle and tan, blue and tan, and wheaten
  • Life expectancy: 12-15 years
  • Activity level: Moderate to high. Border Terriers are working dogs with plenty of energy and stamina.

They need daily activity, but they must be exercised on lead or in a fenced yard, as they will run off in pursuit of small animals.

Fencing may be reinforced to prevent them from digging underneath

  • Grooming: Weekly brushing is advised. The wire coat should be stripped twice a year to maintain its harsh, protective texture.
  • Temperament: The breed is inquisitive, intelligent, and quite affectionate while also possessing the typical determination and hardiness of terrier breeds. These dogs may be compatible with cats and other dogs, but introductions should be closely supervised.
  • Parent club: Border Terrier Club of America (; founded in 1949
  • Buyers’ advice from parent club: Research the breed carefully before purchasing a dog, as the Border Terrier can be a wonderful companion but is not the breed for everyone.
  • Border terrier puppy

For example, owners must be aware that Border Terriers shed, bark, and dig. Joining a local breed club is an excellent way to meet other Border Terrier fanciers and find information on care and training.

  • Regional clubs: The BTCOA lists information for eleven regional clubs on its Web site under “US Regional Clubs.” There are also pages for Canadian and international breed clubs.
  • Rescue: North American Border Terrier Welfare(
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Border terrier

Today the breed excels in earthdog, obedience, agility, flyball, and rally. Border Terriers also work as therapy dogs.

This is a medium-sized terrier with moderate bone, a rather narrow build, and a close-fitting, hard, wiry coat. The tail is moderately short and tapered. The breed is noted for its distinctive “otter head”-a broad, flat skull; full cheeks, and a short, well-filled muzzle with distinctive to the

Distinctive Features of Border Terrier is their ears which are small and lie close to cheeks; the eyes are dark and full of fire with look of implacable determination.


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