Afghans Hound Breeds | Origin, Appearance, Character


This ancient Afghans hound breed is one of the world’s oldest breeds. It was developed in Afghanistan as a hunting dog and came to the attention of European dog lovers in the nineteenth century.

Afghans Hound Overview

  • Activity level-High.

Afghans hound breeds are generally quiet indoors, but they need daily outdoor running time.
They have a high prey drive and will chase moving objects, so they must be exercised on lead or in a fenced area.

Afghan hound

  • Grooming:

Afghans should be thoroughly brushed, bathed, and blown dry regularly.

  • Temperament:

Afghan Hounds are bred to work independently rather than taking cues from people.

Although they seem aloof, Afghans are extremely affectionate with their owners. This is a spirited and sensitive, though at times strong-willed, breed.

This independent streak, coupled with the breed’s high prey drive, can lead to training challenges.

Afghan hound breeds
Afghans hound breed

An Afghan Hound needs a consistent pack leader, ready to approach training with patience, determination, and a sense of humor.

  • Parent club:

Afghan Hound Club of America (; founded in 1937

  • Buyers’ advice from parent club:

Visit dog shows to research the breed.
The Afghan Hound Club of America has a mentoring program for new owners who need advice on grooming, training, and general care.

  • Regional clubs:

The AHCA works with regional clubs in twenty-five states; for information, select “Regional Clubs” from drop-down menu on the parent club’s Web site.

  • Rescue:

Afghan Hound Club of America Rescue (

Benefits Of Afghans Hound Breeds

Afghans are no longer used to hunt, but they are versatile. Even though the earliest records of Afghan Hounds in the United States date to the 1920s, it was the import of Ghazni dogs from Britain that established the breed in America.

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Today, they function as companions, therapy dogs, show dogs, and canine athletes. The Afghan Hound is a true canine aristocrat-elegant, dignified, and aloof.

Afghans hound breed
Photo Source; Pixabay

This athletic hound is squarely proportioned, with long legs; prominent hip bones; a flowing ring tail; and a long, silky coat.
The breed’s long head is refined, with a slightly Roman appearance to the muzzle, a strong under jaw, a profuse topknot, and a black nose. The long ears are covered with silky
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