About American English Coonhounds

American English Coonhounds

American English Coonhounds are amazing dog breeds to take as your pet, This post contains great facts you need to know about Coonhound.

American English Coonhound Entered into Miscellaneous Class in 2010

General Overview Of American English Coonhounds


Males-24-26 inches; females-23-25 inches


Hard, protective, medium length


Red and white ticked, blue and white
ticked, tricolor with ticking, red and white, white and black

Life expectancy:

11-12 years

Activity level:

High: The breed is renowned for its strength, speed, and endurance, and must have daily vigorous exercise such as hunting, running, swimming, or interactive play.

American English Coonhounds can become hyperactive or destructive without sufficient exercise. They must be exercised on lead or in a secure area, as they will chase and roam and may not heed commands to come back.


Weekly brushing is recommended.


The breed has a typical easygoing and sociable hound nature. Friendly and pleasant, American English Coonhounds are instinctively focused on hunting, and training requires persistence and patience.

American English Coonhounds
They are versatile and can be wonderful house dogs as long as owners provide plenty of exercise and firm, fair, consistent training.
They are protective and make good

American English Coonhounds are famed for their voices but may bark and howl excessively if confined or neglected.
They are tough, stoic, and good at masking illness and injury, so owners must be watchful. They get along well with people and other dogs but are not recommended for homes with small pets.

Parent club:

American English Coonhound Association (Join them on Facebook)

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Brief Facts About American English Coonhounds

This is an athletic, sturdy, muscular, and confident hound. Its neck is of moderate length; its chest is deep; and its broad, muscular back slopes slightly from shoulder to hips.

The feet are round with well-arched toes and thick pads. The tail is moderately long, set high, and carried high. The breed has a broad, slightly domed head; 2 square muzzle; and low-hung, fine-textured ears that reach almost to the tip of the black nose when pulled forward.

Dark brown, wide-set eyes give American English Coonhound a gentle houndy expression.

After reading this post you deserve to choose american english coonhound as your new pet, thanks for reading.


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