5 Abnormal Breathing In Dogs – Signs, Causes, And Actions Taken


Pets Owners get troubled when their dog is facing abnormal breathing, Vet care highlights the major signs and Symptoms of abnormal breathing in dogs and the actions to be taken by pets owners.

Signs Of Abnormal Breathing In Dogs

  • Snorting, Reverse Sneezing In Dogs

Very noisy snorting and inability to breathe properly, often occurring when the dog is first let out of the house or taken for a walk.

Abnormal breathing in dogs
Snorting, Reverse Sneezing In Dogs

Possible Causes Of Snorting, Reverse Sneezing In Dogs

Believed to be brought about by a temporary spasm of the throat muscles possibly caused by excitement or sudden encounter with cold air.

Actions To Snorting, Reverse Sneezing In Dogs

None needed beyond soothing the dog, as the spasm soon passes and the dog returns to breathing normally. No treatment is required.

  • Roaring In Dogs

Occurs when the normal airway is obstructed and is seen most frequently in short-faced dogs but may occur in other breeds.

Abnormal breathing in dogs
Roaring In Dogs

Possible Causes Of Roaring In Dogs

Elongated soft palate in short-faced dogs may block the airway especially when they are being exercised in hot weather. In other breeds, collapse of the larynx can cause obstruction to the airway and possibly cause abnormal breathing in dogs

Actions To Roaring In Dogs

  • Veterinary consultation and diagnosis.
  • Remedial surgery is often possible.
  • A minor form of roaring will occur sometimes when dogs lean their heads on someone‚Äôs knee or the arm of a chair.
  • No action is required in such cases.
  • Shallow breathing In Dogs

The inspired breath is not deep enough to ex and the rib cage. Signs of distress and collapse are also usually present.

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Possible Causes of Shallow Breathing In Dogs

Pain on taking a deep breath, due to pneumonia or fracture of the ribs after a fall or road accident.

Actions To Shallow Breathing In Dogs

Careful removal to veterinary surgery.

  • Wheezing In Dogs

Wheezy breathing possibly since birth and accompanied by exercise intolerance. The puppy may fail to eat and grow properly.

Possible Causes of Wheezing In Dogs

In short-faced breeds, collapse of cartilage tissue in the nose and narrowing of nostrils restricts air intake.

Actions To Wheezing In Dogs

Veterinary consultation at once, as remedial surgery should be performed as early as possible.

  • Rapid breathing In Dogs

A dog normally breathes at between 10 and 30 times a minute when at rest. Fast, shallow breathing indicates something is wrong.

Rapid breathing In Dogs
Rapid breathing In Dogs

Possible Causes of Rapid Breathing

Pain, stress, fever, shock, heat stroke, hemorrhage, dehydration, poisoning.

Actions To Rapid Breathing

Veterinary consultation.

After reading the signs of Abnormal breathing in your dog and the possible causes to it, you will be able to device an immediate action to such abnormality.

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