Top 12 Abnormal Dog Behaviour [How To Fix and Prevent]

Training Disobedient Dog | Vet Care
Training Disobedient Dog | Vet Care

This 12 abnormal dog behaviour give You full approach on how to identify and fix such problems such as aggressive, being distructive, licking peoples hands excessively and lots more.

Dogs develop common behavior problems which bring great concern to their owners, this post list how to treat and prevent dog having such behavior problems.

#1 Abnormal Dog Behaviour

Aggressive Towards Strange Dogs

abnormal dog behaviour
Aggresive toward strange dogs

How To Treat My Dog From Being Aggressive Towards Strange Dogs

  • Teach the dog that it is more profitable to sit quietly rather than to attack other dogs.
  • Regularly practise dominance exercises and give the dog planned training periods each day during which it is taught basic commands.
  • Avoid possible confrontation situations during the training period. If a fight does break out ignore the dog and walk away-on no account pick it up as that could be construed as praise.

How To Prevent My Dog From Being Aggressive Towards Strange Dogs

  • Ensure that puppies are ‘socialised’ with other dogs as they grow up.
  • Do not play rough games or tug-of-war games with dogs, especially large breeds.
  • From an early age praise good behaviour with other dogs.
  • Avoid overtly aggressive dogs by crossing the road well in advance. Aggressiveness is often unintentionally reinforced by owners who stroke or pick up growling dogs.


Aggressive Towards Other Dogs In The Same House

How To Treat My Dog From Being Aggressive Towards Other Dogs In The Same House

  • If its aggression is towards other dogs in the same house it is important to enhance the hierarchical system by giving support to the more dominant dog and withdrawing privileges from the underdog, this is not very British, but it often works!

How To Prevent My Dog From Being Aggressive Towards Other Dogs In The Same House

  • Establish a proper hierarchical system from the start and immediately discourage an signs of unrest. The owners must ensure that they are the pack leaders.


Aggressive When Groomed

How To Treat My Dog From Being Aggressive When Groomed

  • Find an area that can be groomed or touched and reward good behaviour.
  • Gradually move to desired area step by step over a few days. Do not go too quickly and risk a set back.
Aggressive when groomed | Abnormal Dog Behaviour
Aggressive when groomed | Abnormal Dog Behaviour

How Can I Prevent My Doing From Being Aggressive When Groomed

  • Groom the dog regularly from an early age. Make it fun and reward good behaviour. Be dominant.
  • Try to find out why a particular area is sensitive, e.g. soreness or bruising.
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Other Abnormal Dog Behaviour

#4 Aggressiveness In Dogs

Treatment Of Dog That Has Learnt To Be Aggressive

  • Stop rewarding aggression, be dominant and encourage some other acceptable behaviour.
  • Do not play rough games with dogs that have a tendency to be aggressive.
  • Avoid Situations where the dog’s aggression may come to the fore.

Prevention Of Dog From Being Aggressive

Do not play tug of war or rough games with big dogs especially guard dogs like Boxers and Dobermanns, they do not need to be taught their job. Be dominant. Have regular basic training sessions

#5 Common Behaivoir Problems In Dogs |   Jumping Up

How To Correct My Dog From Jumping Up

  • This Behaviour is among the Common Behavior Problems In Dogs, Be dominant and have regular basic training sessions.
  • Do not slap dogs with rolled up newspapers as this could be construed as play.
  • Do not use the word DOWN to discourage behaviour as that could confuse the dog.
  • Say NO sharply, followed by SIT and if obeyed give lavish praise.
  • Greet dogs from a crouched position and while Sitting in the car with the door open rather than getting out first.
  • Discourage the behaviour forcibly and stand away so that the dog has no support. You could give the dog something like a glove to carry off and thus distract it.
Abnormal dog behaviour
How To Correct My Dog From Jumping Up | Vet Care

How To Prevent My Dog From Jumping Up

  • Recognise that this is undesirable behaviour and do not think it is nice for your dog to show its pleasure at seeing you in this way.
  • Show disapproval of the behaviour and encourage desired behaviour.

My Dog Is Disobedient

How To Correct My Dog From Being Disobedient

  • Be dominant, instigate regular basic training sessions if necessary using a Flexi-lead.

How To Prevent My Dog From Being Disobedient

  • Start obedience training early-as soon as puppy is obtained.
  • Never use deterrents inappropriately. If a dog does not respond to the command COME do not use corrective measures when it does eventually come.
Training disobedient dog | Abnormal dog behaviour
Training Disobedient Dog | Vet Care

My Dog Pulls On The Lead

How To Stop My Dog From Pulling On The Lead

  • Be dominant, start regular training periods.
  • When teaching the dog turn suddenly and frequently.
  • In early training do not take on the lead towards its favourite walk. Persevere an reward.
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How To Prevent My Dog From Pulling On The Lead

  • Be dominant.
  • Start training the dog to walk properly right from the start.

My Dog Is Distructive

Destructive Dog | Abnormal behaviour
Destructive Dog | Vet care

How To Correct Your Dog From Being Distructive

  • Do not punish bad behaviour as it is always too late. Adopt a training programme in which the dog is left for progressively longer periods starting with very short times.
  • Reward lavishly good behaviour. Be cool with the dog before leaving; never say goodbye.
  • Be dominant and do regular basic training exercises.
  • Ensure that the dog is well-fed and has a comfortable place to lie when it is left.
  • In bad cases consider using a wire crate to confine the dog. Consider ’boob trapping’ the environment so that the dog is instantly deterred by falling objects if it opens a door.
  • Tidy up before you leave to reduce temptation. You could ’set up’ the situation and use a thrown object to deter the behaviour.

How To Prevent My Dog From Being Distructive

  • Do not isolate young puppies for prolonged periods.
  • When the dog is left on its own give it a cue that You will return, ie leave a radio or small light on. Go through the same routine each time the dog is left.
  • Make sure it has water and is warm and comfortable.
  • Reward good behaviour but do not punish bad behaviour.

My Dog Is Sick In The Car

Motion sickness | Abnormal  behaviour
Motion sickness | Vet Care

How To Treat My Dog Sick In The Care

Many children and dogs suffer from motion sickness when young, but 99% of both species grow out of it in time.

  • Accustom the puppy to the car by letting him climb in and out of it for a few minutes each day. Then cover the upholstery and take the dog for a very short ride, a few hundred yards, before it is fed.
  • Drooling usually precedes actual sickness, so tie on an improvised bib to stop the fur getting soiled.
  • Do not fuss the dog, do not sympathise and above all do not be tempted to give tranquilizers or other drugs.
  • The results can be worse than the vomiting. Take special care driving on the early outings and make sure that queasiness is not generated by an exhaust pipe leak.
  • It may be better to have someone ride in the back to hold the dog steady and to have a newspaper ready when vomiting happens.
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How To Prevent My Dog From Being Sick In The Care

  • During its socialisation period ensure that puppies encounter as many different situations as possible, including the car.
  • Don’t be oversympathetic if puppy is sick.

My Dog Is Shy

Shyness in dogs | Vet Care
Shyness in dogs | Vet care

How To Correct My Dog From Being Shy

  • Introduce the dog to acceptable situations and people and gradually build up rewards for good behaviour.
  • Do not use deterrent measures in shy dogs.
  • Ignore shyness, building up the dog by giving it some privileges, but don’t overdo it.
  • Do not allow visitors to force themselves on the dog -let the dog take the initiative making friends.

How To Prevent My Dog From Being Shy

  • Ensure proper socialisation as a puppy.
  • Make sure that the dog meets a ful range of people including children when it is young.
  • Do not correct young puppies during the fear period.

My Dog Licks People’s Hands Excessively

How To Correct My Dog From Licking People’s Hands Excessively

  • This is a sign of submission. Build the dog up by giving it some Privileges and stop dominance exercises, at least temporarily.
  • Divert the dog by throwing a toy for it to retrieve.

How To Prevent My Dog From Licking People’s Hand

  • Do not make puppies ’mouth conscious’ and discourage such behaviour from the outset.
  • Use rewards in dogs that tend to shyness and where the parents have a history of shyness.

My Dog Shows Hyper-sexual Tendencies

How To Treat My Dog Showing Hyper-Sexual Tendencies

This Common behavior problems in dogs is considered embarrassing to pets owners especially in public places

  • Instant correction of inappropriate behaviour.
  • Remove temptations.
  • Seek veterinary advice about special medication or possibly castration.

How To Prevent My Dog From Showing Hyper-Sexual Tendencies

  • Discourage such actions forcibly from the start.
  • Be dominant and regularly practice dominance exercises.
  • Give the dog an adequate amount of exercise.

After treating and preventing your dog from these Top 12 Abnormal Dog Behaviour listed above you can enjoy your dog and training your dog will be efficient for you.

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