Breeding from your bitch

Before Breeding From Your Bitch | 5 Vital Questions You Must Ask Yourself

Breeding from your bitch requires forward planning, There are a number of questions which you should ask yourself before breed from your bitch. You should only proceed if you...
female dog and Her Puppy

Is It Better To Have Male Or Female dog?

Deciding whether to have a male or female dog requires lots of advices, guidlines, and considerations which is discussed fully on this post. Why Female Dog Is More Preferred? She...

Great Dane Breed | Full Description [Revealed]

The Great Dane has a strong protective instinct and makes an excellent watchdog.Because of its great size, early consistent training and socialization are essential. Danes are easy...
call the vet

When Should I Call The Vet For My Dog?

Dog owners should call the vet when your dog shows the following symptoms: bleeding, chocking, collapse, continual straining and more, pets owners should call immediately & arrange...
Dog breeding

Introduction To Dog Breeds [Getting A Dog]

Vet care provides the basic introduction to dog breeds and basic characteristics of each group in this post. Groups In Dog Breeds ?

The 5 Major Signs Of Ear Diseases In Dogs, Treatment And Prevention

It is important to be familiar with the appearance of your dog’s normal; clean ear so that, when you make your routine weekly inspection, you will be able to...